Taste the heritage of great food and simple ingredients

Our legacy starts hundreds of years ago, with Francesco Bertolli and his passion for good food and simple ingredients.

Our story starts in Lucca, Tuscany in 1865. Francesco Bertolli and his wife, Caterina, open a small grocery store beneath their home, selling only the best quality regional wines, cheeses, olives and olive oil.


Italian emigrants in America find themselves missing the food of their heritage. By 1875, they are asking Francesco Bertolli to send boxes of his famous olive oil, making Bertolli® brand the pioneer of olive oil in the USA.
In 1890, Francesco and Caterina’s children take over the business, exporting the Bertolli® brand to new places. From Australia to South America to Africa, customers around the globe can now enjoy the taste of Tuscany.

Good food plus good company equals La Dolce Vita

In the early 1900s, customers everywhere start connecting Bertolli® with the simple authenticity of an Italian lifestyle and delicious food. The business booms as customers reach for the flavor they trust.
TV spots for the Bertolli® brand featuring animated characters “Olivella” and “Maria Rosa” become popular in Italy. Bertolli becomes well-known as a “brand,” something relatively rare in Italy during the 1940s