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Discover a taste of the Italian way of life with Bertolli Extra Virgin Olive Oils. The bold flavour of Robusto and delicate taste of Gentile join our fruity, well rounded Originale to inspire flavour with every meal.

Recipes to enjoy

explore delicious easy to cook recipes using our Extra Virgin Olive Oil range

The Bertolli



With a culture rich in appreciation for family, friends and celebration, it’s no wonder that the heart of Italian life is based around the dinner table. From bustling inner city Roma to the sleepy rural towns of Tuscany, the tradition of connecting over a simple meal has inspired poets, writers, artists and generations to grow with a love for all things homemade. It’s with passion and this respect that Bertolli has built a reputation as the world’s number one olive oil brand.

Italian lifestyle

The Italian lifestyle is revered around the world. Encapsulating style, quality, the art of simplicity, good food and of course good times. We present to you an Italian Life.

Why olive oil?

the Mediterranean diet has always been defined by the liberal  use of extra virgin olive oil, a diet considered to be one of  the healthiest in the world. Find out why health experts all agree that extra virgin olive oil is one of the best monosaturated fats  to  include in your diet.