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Our Great Bertolli Stories

Bertolli. Modern Italian since 1865. To celebrate our 150th anniversary, we’ve showcased some of our authentic Australian-Italians as they share with us their personal stories and treasured family recipes that with pride, remind them of home and their heritage. Ours is a history that’s still in the making so we ask that you join us as we celebrate our 150 year anniversary by sharing your great Bertolli story and treasured family recipe with us.



About Us

Our story begins in Tuscany, 1865. Francesco Bertolli discovered that he was passionate about making olive oil. When news of his talent spread, he opened a small shop beneath his family home in the town of Lucca.


When Italian emigrants left to seek a new life abroad, they missed the flavours of home and found that their new home was missing one important ingredient – Olive Oil. After receiving countless requests, Bertolli used his business acumen and flair for flavour to become the first exporter of olive oil. He was also the first to advertise his products and the first to sell olive oil in clear glass bottles.


150 years later, Bertolli has grown into a global brand which is both authentic and contemporary. We value simplicity, authenticity and flavour and want to continue to bring these values to your family table in Australia, for years to come.




Tips & Tricks


Olive Oil Guide


Bertolli Extra Light and Classico are refined and are suitable for high heat cooking due to their high smoke point, making them perfect for hot cooking including frying, roasting and deep-frying. Olive oil is 100% natural and contains far less saturated fat than butter and margarine which means that frying in olive oil can be both delicious and healthy.



Extra Virgin olive oil has a full flavour and is best enjoyed in cold dishes as it brings out the full fragrance and flavour of the olive oil. The different varieties of Bertolli Extra Virgin should mainly be used in salad’s, as the basis for dressings or dips or to add an extra taste dimension to pasta dishes, soups and sauces.