I was born and raised in Italy and have always been a little fussy about my food. Luckily enough since I was a kid, I grew up with a personal chef in the house, which happened to be my mum. I would wake up in the morning and the first thing she would ask me was “what would you like to eat for lunch?” followed by “and what about dinner?” This has been my childhood mantra. All I know about Italian food started at the kitchen table. I had no involvement in the preparation whatsoever, but every meal was something to look forward to. Good comfort food made with love and passion.


I learnt later in life when I moved to Australia, 2007, that these were the fundamental ingredients for any great dish. It was back then when I had to learn how to cook for myself and make a virtue of necessity.


Over time and lots of phone calls back home, I developed my own knowledge and skills in the kitchen, adopting the best tricks of the trade from my mum. It’s thanks to her I’m able to impress my Aussie friends with authentic Italian food.


I’m lucky to live here in Australia and be exposed to awesome food from all around the world, but it’s only by cooking and eating my mum’s recipes that make me feel like I’m home away from home.