I am an Australian born Italian, but I’ve been told I’m more “Australian” when I’m in Italy and more “Italian” when I’m in Australia.


My parents and three siblings migrated from a small village in the south of Italy in the early seventies. Several years later, my sister and I were born. We were appropriately nicknamed the two “kangaroos” of the family.


My parents spent every day in the garden planting, cultivating and harvesting vegetables. We were raised eating from our suburban garden to our plate. We never ate at restaurants; my dad was always of the mindset that the best food was always the food made at home.


That is where I learnt how important food is, were it comes from and how it’s prepared.


As a young girl I was encouraged to be involved in making homemade salami, wine, bread, pasta and passata. At the time I thought I was just a product of child labour, it wasn’t until my early teens I realised how significant  these seasonal rituals really were.


I’m passionate about cooking with simple fresh ingredients and always find ways of improving my repertoire. My ideal weekends are usually surrounded by friends or family, gathered around the table, trying out new dishes, discussing and exchanging ideas about real honest food.