Preparing for Christmas Day Cooking

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There are 20 days until Christmas…get excited!

It can also be a time of major stress. The way to avoid that stress is by getting prepared in advance. Here are our top 5 tips on how to be prepared for Christmas:

  1. Ask for RSVP’s early. You don’t want to get to the day before Christmas and still not be sure how many people you have to cook for. Make sure you confirm numbers a week before the big day
  2. Stick to Tried & Tested. Christmas day is not the time to be trying out your brand new smoker or making that 20 step gnocchi recipe you’ve never done before. Stick with what you know and love.
  3. Recruit help. Make sure you have a couple of extra helpers in the kitchen. Delegating and asking for help will greatly reduce your stress on the big day.
  4. Get to the stores early. If you can, speak to the vendors and ask if  you can put in your christmas order early. Have them put aside everything you want. 
  5. Do what you can in the days before. Work out what can be made ahead so that you limit your time in the kitchen on the actual day.

Finally – don’t forget to enjoy this time! Memories will be made, laughs will be shared – make sure you are a part of that.