With a heritage spanning over a hundred and fifty years, we have been expertly crafting our Extra Virgin olive oil for decades. Olive oils do not all taste the same, almost like wine varieties, their flavour varies based on their country of origin, the climate and growing conditions of the region and the olive tree variety which gives olives their own taste. Our global sourcing policy means that we source & select the best varieties to ensure that each of our Extra Virgin olive oils have their own unique flavour profile, aroma and taste. 

How is Bertolli Olive Oil produced?

Bertolli olive oil is pressed from the best olives grown on fertile soil under the hot Mediterranean sun. The ripe olives are harvested from November through to February. Soon after harvesting, the olives are crushed mechanically. Around five kilos of olives are needed to produce one litre of olive oil. The crushing process produces pure olive pulp from which the precious Bertolli olive oil is pressed. This is called the first cold pressing. All Bertolli Olive Oil is obtained from this first pressing, after which the Extra Virgin Olive Oil is bottled. Our Classico and Extra Light Olive Oil is further refined using a physical refining process before being bottled.
This gives our olive oil a long shelf life without any artificial additives. 

What’s the best way of storing olive oil?

In contrast to many types of wine, for example, olive oil cannot be stored for many years. This is because it is a natural product and therefore tastes better when fresh. Light and heat adversely affect the quality of olive oil. It is therefore best to store olive oil in a dark place which is not too warm.