With a heritage spanning over a hundred and fifty years, we have been expertly crafting our Extra Virgin olive oil for decades. Olive oils do not all taste the same, almost like wine varieties, their flavour varies based on their country of origin, the climate and growing conditions of the region and the olive tree variety which gives olives their own taste. Our global sourcing policy means that we source & select the best varieties to ensure that each of our Extra Virgin olive oils have their own unique flavour profile, aroma and taste.



fruity and balanced,
inspired by Rome

Our original Extra Virgin olive oil has been in Australia for decades. It is our first Extra Virgin olive oil, commonly referred to as “fruity taste” and its flavour has remained unchanged since it first hit our shores.

Originale is a brilliant all-rounder olive oil, its flavour is harmonious and well balanced with a mature fruity aroma and low bitterness. Perfect for salads, dressings, drizzling over pasta, adding to soups and Italian dishes.

Available now in a convenient new bottle for easier usage and in protective green glass.



delicate and smooth,
inspired by the Amalfi Coast

Delicate and smooth, with a sweet flavour and very low bitterness and pungency, Bertolli Gentile Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a gentle flavour and soft aroma, making it ideal for those who enjoy a gentle yet fragrant Extra virgin olive oil.

Expertly crafted using experience gained over 150 years, Gentile perfectly complements seafood dishes, chicken and vegetables and is ideal for drizzling over salads or using in dressings.



bold and intense,
inspired by Tuscany

With a bold and intense olive flavour, Bertolli Robusto Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the perfect olive oil for those who appreciate a robust tasting olive oil. Robusto has strong fruity notes, a rich aroma and a peppery taste sensation.

This flavour makes Robusto ideal for hearty dishes, red meat, stews or roasts. Robusto is excellent when used as a dipping oil with fresh bread.


Light in taste

perfect for baking
and frying

Light and delicate in taste, bertolli Light in Taste olive oil has a high smoke point, making it suitable for high heat cooking and the perfect olive oil to replace vegetable oils.

With a neutral flavour and very mild aroma, Bertolli Light in taste olive oil is ideal for frying and baking as it won’t overpower any other flavours in your dish and will lend your baked goods a moist and delicate consistency. 

Available now in a convenient new bottle for easier usage and in protective green glass.